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A mentoring and training programme in writing skills for artists and theatre makers, led by Total Theatre Magazine’s editors

Total Theatre Magazine is delighted to announce that 13 participants will join us for the Autumn 2020 Artists as Writers Programme, receiving training, mentoring and editorial support. A new body of writings on contemporary theatre and performance will subsequently be published online at www.totaltheatre.org.uk

As a follow-on to our National Lottery Heritage Fund project, Total Theatre Archive: Preserving 30 Years of UK Performance History, the Total Theatre Magazine editorial team are offering a series of workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions for a new cohort of contemporary theatre/performance artists interested in exploring writing about their own and other people’s alternative artistic practices. The project, free of charge to participants, will run for 12 weeks, September to December 2020, and is led by editor Dorothy Max Prior and associate editor Beccy Smith.

Total Theatre Magazine champions artist-led critical writing, putting the practitioner at the heart of the discourse about their own work and the work of their peers. For the past thirty years the magazine, first in print and now online, has played a crucial role in promoting and championing alternative theatre practice in the UK, celebrating and supporting physical and visual theatre, circus, street arts, puppetry, performance & live art, queer arts, interactive work, and more. The TTM site can be viewed at www.totaltheatre.org.uk The archive is at totaltheatre.org.uk/archive

There will be three strands to the participants’ research:

Reflecting on and writing about the artist’s own journey and current practice

Research into the work of other artists, companies, organisations, or artforms/strands of practice (contemporary or historic) that the artist has a particular interest in – with reference to the Total Theatre Archive and/or other archives or resources

Reflection on the Covid-19 epidemic’s impact upon live performance, and the response to it by artists/theatre-makers

Each participant will produce a longform article/essay that will be published online by Total Theatre Magazine.

The diverse (in every sense of the word) group of participating artists includes people at very many different stages of their career, from recent graduates to artists with over thirty years’ experience. Their fields of practice span the breadth of Total Theatre Magazine’s interests. Many of the participants’ work crosses barriers of artform/genre, and some work in multiple roles, as performer and producer; or as writer and director; or as maker and community arts animateur. Participating artists are from across the UK, Europe and the Americas.

See over for the list of participants in the 2020 Total Theatre Artists as Writers programme.

Total Theatre Artists as Writers 2020


Paschale Straiton makes playful outdoor performance that blurs the edges between the performance and the audience. She is artistic director of Red Herring and is a regular collaborator with a range of companies.



Isaac Ouro-Gnao is a dance artist, multidisciplinary creative, writer, poet, and freelance journalist. His impact in the dance world has been multifaceted; working as a performer, scriptwriter, producer, marketer, and reviewer for esteemed Hip Hop theatre artists and companies.



Yael Karavan is an award-winning performer, dancer and artistic director of the Karavan Ensemble. Yael’s work is often described as visual/physical poetry, drawing on elements of Butoh, dance, mime, clown, physical and visual theatre. Since 1999 she’s been touring her work, teaching and directing worldwide.



Anne Langford makes theatre as a director, performer and facilitator. Anne makes theatre happen as producer, mentor and coach. She works extensively in different models of co-creation and participation, with artists aged 5–85. She is driven by her values: creativity, generosity, integrity and rigour.



Sascha Goslin is a freelance producer, focusing on circus, outdoor and accessible shows. She’s about to embark on creating her own work. Passionate about circus, physical theatre and politics, she believes that performance has the power to change people, perspectives and hopefully, the world. 


Maddie Haynes is a writer and performer living in Manchester. Her work combines storytelling and dance with accessible science communication, and she is currently developing her solo work 69, a queer retelling of the first moon landing.


Insta: @itsmaddiehaynes  | Twitter: @maddie_haynes | Facebook: @maddiehaynespoetry

Antonino Giuffré has had the luck of working on both sides of a stage: after studying drama in Italy he has developed his practice in the contemporary circus world, writing, producing and performing with the UK-based company Lost in Translation Circus.



Katy Pinke is a New York-based artist whose multi-disciplinary practice spans music, visual art, poetry and embodied performance. Their work inquires into nature of language and the translation of liminal, spiritual and emotional territories as-of-yet uncharted by language.


Marília Ennes is founder/co-director of ParaladosanjoS (Brazil) and a PhD researcher at Unicamp (University of Campinas, São Paulo). Her work embraces visual and physical theatre, and much of her creation flirts with hybrid fields of art. Currently, she is involved with walking as an aesthetic practice.



Martha Brown is a multi-disciplinary artist who enjoys weaving together found objects and text, sculpture, costumes, storytelling, and performance. Passions for Carnival Arts, community empowerment, street busking acts, and magical moments in daily mundanity currently inspire her work.

Insta: @marthasmilesbrown

Facebook: 14 Smiles

Tom Brennan is a director, writer and co-founder of The Wardrobe Ensemble. His work includes 1972: The Future of Sex, The Last of The Pelican Daughters, and Drac & Jill. He is a creative associate at The North Wall Theatre.




Lila Robirosa is a performance artist, theatre-maker and writer based in Suffolk. Her often autobiographical work uses storytelling, vulnerability and risk-taking to challenge the limits of her comfort zone, creating work that aims to liberate herself and her audience.


Eloina Haines is a London-based performance artist. Her work is bold. It tests society’s boundaries, and her own. It makes audiences laugh and cry together, leaving them empowered and dancing. It focuses on the taboos around the non-cis-male body.



Total Theatre Editorial Team:

Dorothy Max Prior, editor

Beccy Smith, associate editor

John Ellingsworth, web editor

Thomas Wilson, contributing editor


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Dorothy Max Prior

Dorothy Max Prior

Dorothy Max Prior is the editor of Total Theatre Magazine, and is also a performer, writer, dramaturg and choreographer/director working in theatre, dance, installation and outdoor arts. Under the auspices of her alter-ego Dorothy’s Shoes she creates performance work that both honours and usurps the traditions of popular dance and theatre, and plays with the relationship between performer and audience. Much of her work is sited in public spaces or in venues other than regular theatres. She also writes essays and stories, some of which are published and some of which languish in bottom drawers – and she teaches drama, dance and creative non-fiction writing.

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