Apr 2013
The title of this blog is a quote – or misquote, or paraphrase perhaps – from Liz Aggiss’s new work-in-progress The English Channel, an excerpt of which was presented 9 April at the Brighton...
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Jan 2013
So, another London International Mime Festival done and dusted! 2013 saw the usual eclectic mix of work, crossing a whole plethora of artforms that snuggle under the ‘physical and visual performance’ umbrella, including contemporary...

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Oct 2012
The three Cs: creator, curator and critic. How do these roles relate and interact with each other? Is the fact that so many performance artists and theatre-makers are also curators (of projects, festivals, events)...

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Sep 2012
A response to Os Bem-Intencionados / The Well-Intentioned, Brazilian company LUME Teatro’s new work in progress… We are called into the ‘green room’ at the Sede de LUME – the company’s rehearsal and workshop...

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Aug 2012
So where was I? Ah yes – the Total Theatre Awards shortlist meeting, and having 28 shows to see in a week, above and beyond the things I already had booked. Well, I’ve done...

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