Mini-DRIFT in Cardiff

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Mini-DRIFT Cardiff, the latest strand of the ongoing Drift Project, is run by Zecora Ura & Persis-Jade Maravala (Brazil/UK) in partnership with National Theatre Wales, and will take place 13–15 November 2012.

Participants are encouraged to collaborate with each other, without the goal or pressure of a performance product, but with an open environment for work to be shared. It offers a model of process and community building that aims to provoke and inspire different ways of thinking about the participants’ practice, and different contexts through which ideas are exchanged. These will include: training, performing, nightly sharings of process, feedback, one-on-one sessions, and insight into artists’ own practice.

Participants are invited to articulate their practice, interests and their ‘idea/project’ which will be used during the mini-DRIFT.  This is an opportunity to engage in dynamic dialogue with a number of other artists and their practices, as well as a chance for new collaborations to emerge in preparation for the following day.

Mini-Drift Residency leaders Jorge Lopes Ramos and Persis-Jade Maravala are joint artistic directors of Zecora Ura (Brazil/UK) and the Hotel Medea trilogy. As joint leaders of the Cardiff mini-DRIFT they will be mentoring artists through performance and coaching methods in the fields of audience participation, artistic vision and project management as well as performer training.

For further details, please get in touch with Abdul Shayek or call 07545 915 185
Drift participants will selected through a shortlisting process.

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