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Clod Ensemble: Zero| Photo: Manuel Vason

Clod Ensemble: Zero

May 22nd, 2013 by

‘You are nothing but a big zero,’ says the Fool to Lear. I paraphrase, apologies Mr Shakespeare. But this is not, you understand, a version of King Lear, although that was the starting point – a period of research supported by the Royal Shakespeare Company, in which Clod Ensemble discovered that what they didn’t want […]

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Siro-A: Technodelic!

Siro-A: Technodelic!

April 22nd, 2013 by

Before the performance begins a video camera pointed at the audience projects our waiting faces onto the screen, individuals singled out and video mapped onto the bodies of superheroes and samurai wrestlers. We laugh, we smile, we’re amused and enchanted. After this pre-show, it’s a helter-skelter freefall into an optic, joyful, fast-paced, pulsating arcade of […]

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Invisible Thread - Les Hommes Vides

Heads Will Roll

January 27th, 2013 by

So, another London International Mime Festival done and dusted! 2013 saw the usual eclectic mix of work, crossing a whole plethora of artforms that snuggle under the ‘physical and visual performance’ umbrella, including contemporary circus, puppetry and animatronics, theatre clown and mime, live art, and some things that are hard to categorise, other than under […]

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Derevo: Harlekin ¦ Photo: D Hartwig

Derevo: Harlekin

January 16th, 2013 by

Unlike most Derevo shows, Harlekin is not a large ensemble work, but it still has the chaotically creative inventiveness we have come to expect from the company, as well as the stunning visual imagery and blood-pumping soundscore composed by long-time collaborator Daniel Williams. Anton Adasinsky’s Harlekin is more of a Petrushka type character, forever beguiled […]

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Kneehigh: Midnight's Pumpkin ¦ Photo: Steve Tanner

Kneehigh: Midnight’s Pumpkin

December 20th, 2012 by

This time last year I was blown away by Kneehigh’s collaboration with Little Angel Theatre on their production A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings. It was one of the best pieces of theatre I’d seen all year and a perfect antidote to many underwhelming Christmas offerings out there. So with a hop and a […]

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