Tokyo Tapdo - Sushi Tap Dance - Photo Nick Rutter

Tokyo Tapdo!: Sushi Tap Show

Tokyo Tapdo - Sushi Tap Dance - Photo Nick RutterUtterly ridiculous. So perfectly simple in its construction and purpose, this is a comic-tap-dance-circus-review-show that is as entertaining as it is hilarious. Utterly devoid of high-minded meaning, if you want to laugh at a beautiful idiot of a clown, come see this show. Every time I thought things couldn’t get more stupid – they did. I want to be clear this is the pure, wonderful stupidity of the simple clown who wants nothing more than to make the audience laugh.

Blitzing through a medley of object manipulation circus skills we have devil sticks and hat, cup, and cigar box juggling; in addition, Irish dancing and music hall dance make a welcome appearance and all the way through there is tap dance.

The worst that can be said is that sometimes the volume of the music overpowers the percussive impact of the tap shoes.

If the weight of the world and a thousand earnest solo shows drags you down give your brain a welcome break and a well deserved rest with an hour spent in the company of Tokyo Tapdo!

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