Total Theatre Magazine celebrates and supports a wide spectrum of contemporary theatre and performance, both nationally and internationally. It is published by Aurelius Productions CIC. 

Total Theatre Magazine was created and developed by the Mime Action Group (founded 1983) which later changed its name to Total Theatre to match that of its magazine.  For over thirty years, Total Theatre Magazine in all its manifestations – in print (1989–2012) and online since – has helped to change the landscape of contemporary theatre and performance. For more on the history of Total Theatre Magazine and the organisation that founded it, see here. All print editions of the magazine can be viewed/downloaded for free here.

In recent years, Total Theatre Magazine and Total Theatre Awards have operated as independent projects. If you are looking for the Total Theatre Awards, produced annually at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, please see the Total Theatre Network website.

Total Theatre Magazine is entering its fourth decade and an exciting new phase of life, building on our strong heritage and finding new ways to critique, document and support contemporary physical and visual theatre and performance. 

We are unfunded, and dedicated to remaining free-to-view and free from advertising.  Any contribution you can make to help us in our work will be most welcome. We accept one-off payments or monthly donations of any amount through PayPal or by bank card. Just click the button below!

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