Total Theatre Artists as Writers

The Total Theatre Artists as Writers programme provides the opportunity for artists working in theatre and performance to be mentored by Total Theatre’s editors as they explore writing about their own and other artist’s work. A pilot of this programme was pioneered as part of our Total Theatre Archive project (2018–2019).

The latest Total Theatre Artists as Writers programme, running September–December 2020, sees a diverse (in every sense of the word) group of 13 participating artists and includes people at very many different stages of their career, from recent graduates to artists with over thirty years’ experience. Their fields of practice span the breadth of Total Theatre Magazine’s interests. Many of the participants’ work crosses barriers of artform/genre, and some work in multiple roles, as performer and producer; or as writer and director; or as maker and community arts animateur. Participating artists are from across the UK, Europe and the Americas. Writings generated will be published on this website.