Feature in Issue 4-4 | Winter 1992

Perceptions of Mime and Physical Theatre in Britain often affect how successful companies are in presenting their work. Awareness of Mime and Physical Theatre is developing, but seemingly not fast enough for the new and exciting range of work emerging from companies and solo performers. We have devoted our Feature to looking more closely at this and have asked Jac Wilkinson and Sharon Kivity, Gavin Robertson (latterly of Mime Theatre Project), Richard Cuming and Yves Marc of Théâtre du Mouvement to share their personal experiences with us, contrasting the British Experience with that of Europe and overseas. In Conversation with Peter Charlton, we look at how BBC Children's TV has supported Mime and Physical Theatre, and in our Focus on... NORTH WEST, Graeme Phillips of the Unity Theatre, Adrian Mealing of Circus Network North West, and Chris Paul of Performance State International explain how the North West is taking off in terms of venue support, training, and practitioner networking.

We would also like to wish the London International Mime Festival a Happy 15th Anniversary. The Festival will be running in London from 18 January to 3 February 1993. (Details are in the Festivals Listings)

We would welcome YOUR comments on any of the views expressed in this edition of Total Theatre, so please write in!

Also as we look to the Festive Season may we take this opportunity to wish all our readers a prosperous and successful 1993.

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