Feature in Issue 6-4 | Winter 1994

Did you win the Lottery? After some time of hopeful anticipation, the great event is finally with us, bringing us up-to-date with our European counterparts. But what will this mean for the arts? Are we reduced to gambling and the law of chance in order to gain funding? Whatever we seem to be, we are in the mime world at least in a condition of confusion, changing definitions, analysing work and examining various themes at workshops.

This issue of Total Theatre looks at the exchange of techniques and merging skills (something divulged at the Moving Into Performance Workshop Symposium earlier this year), the way forward for circus, and mime and physical theatre festivals around Europe.

Congratulations to the Circus Space for their Big Issue Award; the venue has now initiated an evening cabaret slot – a very popular form of entertainment these days. The month of December, being traditionally a time of reflection, sees us thinking about progress and balance as all forms of theatre continue to merge. For a handful of people, ’95 will be a time of no financial worries, but sadly for a large proportion of the nation – the homeless, the unemployed, and those involved in grass roots artistic projects; the cynics are sadly decided. ‘It won't be you!’

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Issue 6-4
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