Scottish Mime Forum

Feature in Issue 4-2/3 | Summer/Autumn 1992

The Scottish Mime Forum exists to establish a new identity for Mime/Physical Theatre in Scotland where there is much diverse and adventurous work currently taking place. The old image of Mime as the traditional white-faced, silent and lyrical form of expression is dead at last. What we see is a vital, energetic, physical form of theatre, linked with speech and music but having a strong visual impact, and something serious and contemporary to communicate.

Those of us who have trained in Mime as a basis for dramatic art celebrate the way in which use of movement opens up theatre to new and stunning possibilities. The acquisition of these physical skills may take time – in fact it goes on throughout a performer’s career – but we believe it is well worth the effort.

The new philosophy for Mime is reflected throughout European Theatre – The Mime Forum has strong links with M.A.G. (Mime Action Group), the UK Umbrella organisation for Mime and Physical Theatre, and with the European Federation for Mime based in Amsterdam.

Future plans include an ACTION WEEK in April 1993, when venues across Scotland will be invited to stage at least one performance or event to promote Mime/Physical Theatre. Looking further ahead to 1994, thoughts are being formulated for a European Co-production with Holland, Denmark and Scotland.

The Mime Forum is on the brink of an important and exciting initiative and would welcome your support. The annual subscription is £10 for individuals and £30 for companies.


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