Commotion Theatre, Get Out Of Here

Review in Issue 9-2 | Summer 1997

Directed by Rick Zoltowski, Get Out of Here begins with three characters, Bernard (Gerry Flanagan), Truzia (Kasia Millinerand) and Laila (Ninina Hosiaslvoma) fighting over a ‘whizzer’, that creates wind, and a duvet. Lucifer (Mark Bell) plummets from above and lands amongst the trio, who by now are under the duvet creating a monster chanting ‘eeny meeny miny mo’ in three languages (English, Finnish and Polish). A series of games ensue which encompass notions such as acceptance, rejection, love, hate and temptation. The result is that Bernard puts on a white beard and becomes God. All the cast hurtle around the stage pulling out cotton wadding, ending up completely out of breath. Then yet another string of games occur. The cotton wool clouds part and Lucifer falls into the next show, presumably.

Although the show was very funny in places and potentially could have been brilliant, Get Out of Here ended up being a series of games which were undeveloped, unexplored and ultimately disappointing. The magical play, strong performances by the multinational cast and the fluffy set did not make-up for the shallowness of the storyline.

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  1. Feb 1997

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