Compagnie Dernière Minute / Pierre Rigal, Erection

Review in Issue 18-2 | Summer 2006

A simple idea that traces a transition of supine man on floor via strobe-induced suspension to final digital diaspora fifty minutes later. A white floor cover takes overhead video projection that continues the theme of ‘the line' – a key concept of Aurélien Bory's other Festival show, More or Less Infinity. Bory is credited on this show with conception, direction and design with Pierre Rigal as choreographer, video creation and solo performer. Bory's training in physics and film is a clear influence. Physics meets film meets theatre – a great mix, and one that really works in this intimate piece. By keeping things simple, the humanity of the performance is never bleached out by the technology. Bory and Rigal tread a fine line between crudeness and sophistication (Rigal's movement is basic but gutsy), cleverly leaving much of the video firepower to the last ten minutes. In this final sequence a grid of lines fill the back wall of the ICA as Rigal moves across them. The projection traces the lines onto the performer as his human body plays with and disturbs the digital symmetry. In the same sequence, two floor projectors overlay the performer's virtual image onto his physical one. Hints of dissolution of the self, dislocation of personality – you get the idea. Technically it's more digital impressionism than state-of-the-art science – but it worked. The show put content and performer first, which in the end was always more about metaphysics than physics.

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  1. Jan 2006

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Issue 18-2
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