Darren Johnston / Array, Outré

Review in Issue 18-4 | Winter 2006

Outré is a series of after-dark cabaret style encounters featuring the choreography of Darren Johnston and using music by artists from the cult music label Warp Records. I enjoyed the stylised Twilight Zone Victorianesque freak-show ambience, particularly the atmospheric lighting design and the excellent use of projections that framed the performance space (creating a real stage within the projected stage). Behind an almost invisible gauze, chillingly lit, entrancing exhibits danced in a group before us, beguiling us with their dark grace, before one by one surprising us with their unique deformity. Among them we had the smartly suited headless man, the vulnerable puppet/doll woman, and the Diva Siamese twins. I liked this work and felt absorbed, but felt some of the freaks’ solos continued for too long after their oddity/malformation was revealed. And the subject matter and style begged comparison to the astounding BlackSKYwhite’s Bertrand’s Toys – the Outré freakshow characters were dark, but nowhere near as disturbing...

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  1. Aug 2006

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Issue 18-4
p. 26