The David Glass Ensemble, La Dolce Vita - A Musical

Review in Issue 8-2 | Summer 1996

Using the imagery of Frederick Fellini's classic film La Dolce Vita, David Glass creates a musical reinterpretation of the story. The choreography, design and lighting conjure up a spectacularly stylish world with fine performances from a multitalented ensemble. La Dolce Vita tells the story of Marcello Rubini (vividly played by Gerard Casey), a journalist who realises too late in life that he has allowed himself to become misdirected and has lost his way. David Glass with writer Paul Sand focus on this aspect of Fellini's narrative, bringing Rubini's irrevocable and degrading personal descent to the fore. They develop the character of Steiner (Johnson Willis), thus paralleling Fellini's own source influence, Dante's Divine Comedy. Thus, by being true to Fellini's sources and collaborators, David Glass – with his own sources and collaborators – celebrates a fine work. Like Fellini, Glass believes that by placing the music as an integral part of the production, the emotional response of the audience is heightened and the poetic sensibility in the narrative is enhanced. This production, for its content and form, will probably not prove popular. But it may originate more original approaches to musical theatre in the future.

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  1. Apr 1996

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