D.N.A. Cabaret

Review in Issue 7-4 | Winter 1995

Barbie dolls, toy soldiers or teddy bears; if we are honest we have all spent hours endowing inanimate objects with fantastic life. It is this visible act of creation as much as the ingenuousness by which technical hurdles are laid out and overcome, or occasionally not, which is most interesting in this cross section of animation shorts and works in progress. Watch the faces of the puppeteers or a grown woman conversing comfortably with her favourite stuffed toy, and have your disbelief suspended. Giant aliens, fire breathing tramps, drag queens with tiny but perfectly formed bodies, alternative Shakespeare, whimsical love. This is a rich and largely untapped theatrical form. Join the audience of enthusiasts fortnightly at BAC and become one yourself.

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  1. Sep 1995

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Issue 7-4
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