DreamsLeap Theatre Company, Dream Play

Review in Issue 18-1 | Spring 2006

DreamsLeap Theatre Company met during a series of workshops with Jonathan Kay, which led to a production of Romeo and Juliet. Their performance style was established with a unique playing style, using their bodies to create the environment and atmospheres of the stories that they tell, together with an unusual direct dialogue with and relationship to the audience. In Dream Play, a subtle sense of intimacy is established, enabling individual audience members to voice their dreams or portions of recurring dreams. Just like our dreams, every night of Dream Play is different. With superb transition, the lighting moved smoothly from open space into the dream/play space. In the freedom of the theatrical space and rapid improvisation, the ensemble cast of four then simply yet cleverly play the given dream. Shapeshifting, highly atmospheric, sensitive humorous, wondrous – this was a new theatrical experience for me. Dreams belong to a world we all inhabit, but seldom share. The audience even talked to each other in the interval! I enjoyed the timeless story-book costumes and the theatricality of the play. Without props, with live sound accompaniment where appropriate, the range of physical invention was enormous – on the night I went the cast played table-tops, horses, bridges, even urine, empty rooms and thoughts! Extraordinary ensemble playing. I came home exhilarated and truly moved.

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  1. Dec 2005

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