Ezechiel Garcia-Romeu, Le Maratoscope

Review in Issue 9-1 | Spring 1997

Before viewing Le Maratoscope, the audience were gathered in groups of five and offered a light buffet. One at a time, each person was ushered into a darkened room, lit with a few candles, with a screened-off area. Some moments later a curtain was pulled back and you found yourself sitting in front of a large booth with a domed roof and a small window.

The window lit-up and the story commenced. A miniature puppet who was a scribe gradually appeared and commenced on a journey through many actions and emotions. A human hand entered from above, picked up some sand and showered him with the grains. The puppetry was precise delicate and expressive. Detail existed not only in the movements of the figure but in the whole chain of events which surrounded the show creating a magical atmosphere and a unique experience.

Ezechiel Garcia-Romeu believes that the process of eating together in a small group before seeing the show, which can only be experienced by one spectator at a time, is important. ‘The show is the same for everyone, but each interprets it for themselves.’ It was definitely the shortest and surely the most original show at this year’s Festival.

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  1. Jan 1997

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