Falsa Imago, Damaged by Miracles

Review in Issue 16-3/4 | Autumn 2004

Falsa Imago (comprising Théâtre de L'Ange Fou performers Aude Tourney and Igor de Quadra) have created a duet merging physical theatricality, improvised text and mime. Damaged by Miracles examines fragmented identity, sexuality and self-image.

Using a battered old tape recorder to document their words, they create a collage of disjointed sentences about being 'an embarrassing human being’. This aural soundscape preserves their thoughts as profound prose flits between sound memories of their trials, and echoes a fragile search for reality within the differences between man and woman. They discover 'essential’ experiences with, and around each other – sexual, emotional and playful, and we are drawn in to the groans of pleasure, gasps of pain, and quiet laughter that this generates.

Although centred on the male psyche, it is the female counterpart and images of womanhood which are the ultimate 'miracles’ that the title alludes to. Woman is seen as the pure, divine state (pregnant, barebreasted in a satin slip and heels); man, as neurotic and worthless, who tries to teach himself (with the use of chalk and a blackboard) where he can place himself between 'Embarrassment' and 'God'. Not comfortable with being naked, he tucks his penis between his legs, then dives and slides around the stage like a mad predatory animal, but is calmed by feeling her swollen belly and playing with her hair. Although slightly lacking in congruous content, there are some nice montaged images amidst poetic phrasing.

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  1. Jun 2004

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Issue 16-3/4
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