Faulty Optic, Shot at the Troff

Review in Issue 8-4 | Winter 1996

Faulty Optic presented three performances with Gavin Glover and Liz Walker's excellent puppets. All the Way Around began the trilogy and was a tale of two boxers who discarded their boxing gloves in favour of frying pans. The two boxers played bingo on the sofa and disappeared to emerge as wasps. The boxing commentator was a great addition, although perhaps fuller characterisation and less gratuitous violence would have been more interesting. Bubbly Beds was the story of an everyday couple with terrible plumbing. The bloke searched for Aunty in the basement only to find she had left the tap on and flooded the place. He encountered various odd and peculiar characters who got more and more bizarre the deeper he went. The piece was projected via a video link; the basement comprised a tank full of water in which the puppets performed. The third mini-epic was War and Peas which commenced with a battle over the bedclothes between a plush duvet and a scrappy blanket. One character left for the front-line to fight a third puppet with a machine-of-war which catapulted peas. The story, however, became disappointedly circular as different combinations of marionettes scrapped over the bedclothes. The puppetry and sets were imaginative and consistently excellent, creating a wonderful world. Jane Lawrence accompanied two of the pieces with live music which would have worked more effectively had the volume been lower and had it been better coordinated with the action.

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