Foursight Theatre, Reans Girls

Review in Issue 15-2 | Summer 2003

Only 25 at a time get to see this piece made by Foursight for their local community. We're ushered into the steamy atmosphere of the local baths – a mock site-specific staging complete with pool and cubicles – to witness stories gathered from local immigrant women.

Five at a time we step into tiny sets in the cubicles. Sometimes voices emerge out of a wall of masks, or a woman lies in the claw-foot bath recalling the Caribbean heat. And there's the Irishwoman bus driver who takes us on a bus ride as we sit in her living room – the seats shaking over the humps in the road up ahead on the fourth-wall screen. Then everyone crowds into the laundry to watch, mesmerised, as a Kathak dancer emerges from the brightly coloured sheets. Back at the poolside, fragments of stories, thoughts, feelings float across the water as the women bathe, their blue-check uniforms reminding us how many of them work in the caring professions.

This is a total theatre experience, complete with live music. The tragic and comic are woven into the fabric of this tantalising mix of performance and interactive theatre. And the political nature of the piece is subtly apparent. The young man next to me is from Iraq; he's been here five months and this is the sixth day of the Bush/Blair war. The project is being exported to Amsterdam, where another community will have their stories given this vibrant theatrical treatment.

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  1. Mar 2003

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