Il Teatro Carretto, Biancaneve

Review in Issue 9-1 | Spring 1997

Biancaneve is Il Teatro Carretto’s adaptation of Snow White. Forget lachrymose Disneyisms though, this is an utterly faithful and occasionally austere retelling of the Grimm Brothers’ fairytale. As consummate artists, Il Teatro Carretto never flinched and did full justice to the tale’s darker moments. Biancaneve served to remind one just what a brutal and bloody world fairytales inhabit. This is not to say that the show was without beauty. On the contrary, the magic wardrobe from which it spilled was a veritable treasure trove of enchanting, funny, scary and sad moments. A particular mention must go to Maria Teresa Elena’s wicked stepmother – she was a real child-frightener and no mistake!

Unfortunately, Biancaneve was rather a cold show. The company were too much in the thrall of their technical virtuosity. Undeniably ingenious, and often dazzling, this show was easier to admire than it was to love.

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  1. Jan 1997

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