Leikin Loppu, The Tailors

Review in Issue 10-4 | Winter 1998

As the title of the show bears no relation to the content (the company explain in the programme that copy had to be sent to venues and promoters before the devising process began), one wonders at the soul of the thing. A man and a woman (Mr and Mrs Tailor) are doubled-booked into the same hotel room and both are insistent on staying. After much chasing, fighting and fantasising they end up in bed together. Predictable to say the least. The Tailors is a bit too comfortable, as though it's been devised to a previously tried and tested formula, which no doubt has been found to work in the past.

With some very funny details (such as a synchronised hand dance performed in long white night-shirts and a farcical choreographed shaving routine), much action to music, some funny facial expressions and all-round zesty performances from Elizabeth Besbrobe and Jason Hird, the piece just about holds interest. The relationship between the performers is thankfully compelling enough to invest what is essentially an empty concept with some life.

But it all seems rather familiar and tame – theatre for theatre's sake. The clowning is reasonably well executed and I did leave the theatre with a smile on my face, but this is essentially a weak show – contrived and forgettable.

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  1. Oct 1998

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