Les Acrostiches

Review in Issue 10-1 | Spring 1998

Singing beautifully whilst standing is an exacting task. But to do so whilst balancing horizontally on a pile of bricks on a table top, must be virtually impossible. But this is exactly where Les Acrostiches excel. Not since Teatro Paparote's Bilin Balan have I seen a company so audacious in its execution of even the simplest manoeuvres. Although parallels could be drawn with other popular companies, Les Acrostiches forge a particular brand of physical comedy to enthral their audience.

A trio of singing men bound onto the stage through plush red velvet curtains, past an antique gramophone with its prized collection of four records. They look as though they would be equally at home on the street as they would on the set of a Busby Berkeley musical, and speak with accents so thickly French even Antoine de Caunes would be jealous! Introducing themselves with an intricate club juggling routine, they move on to mischievous acrobatics and nonchalant musculatures, always undermining their physical skill by juxtaposing it with deliberate ineptitude and disinterest.

What makes this show so good is the superb attention to detail. Even the mistakes are beautifully executed. The highlight is a camp display of synchronised acrobalance, with all three in pink lycra leggings and matching bathing caps, that has the audience in fits. This is entertainment with no hidden agenda. With such a London debut they're surely bound to return again.

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  1. Jan 1998

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