New Forms Theatre Stricht, Alice Point Love

Review in Issue 8-4 | Winter 1996

Bulgaria's facing hard times. Recent political changes have wrought not only national insecurity but also cultural havoc. Where once theatre was cause for national pride it’s now an embarrassment. New Forms Theatre Stricht is a relatively young theatre company who have attempted to break the mould. Graduates of the puppetry course at Sofia's National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, they recently visited England (with an invitation to perform at Now96) to present Alice Point Love. This was their newest show, devised in collaboration with Nottingham choreographer Catherine Lyons. Based on improvisations, the piece lasted an hour and was divided into eleven acts. There was no narrative – simply episodes of 'play' performed by three women (dressed in white see-through lycra) who, with puerile girlish giggles, tugged and manipulated objects passed to them from the wings. These included a white lycra sheet, a hula hoop and a large triangle. The trouble was that not only was the piece sloppily executed but that it was presented as a major piece of innovation. Perhaps this is true in Bulgaria but over here we've seen it before... and how! This was the well-worn territory of Momix and Philippe Genty with their huge budgets and reputations. Let's face it – bringing out the lycra has become something of a theatrical joke in this country. Forgiveable for the Bulgarians perhaps but less so for a British choreographer. This was only the first step on a long road.

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