Peepolykus, It’s All in the Timing

Review in Issue 17-1 | Spring 2005

The absurdity of language is an apt theme for Peepolykus' new collaboration with David Ives. What kind of writing is ridiculous enough for Peepolykus' stupid behaviour? This is it: writing that stimulates their idiocy, the cost mostly unburdened by the script. This mixture of text with physical humour is truly skilful, with the words’ meaning flung into absurdity by the physicality of the characters and situations – apes, construction workers, slapstick deaths... here is a real symbiosis of text and action. The writing is more than just gags. There are some genuine moments of beauty and light. The audience welcomes the drama and holds their breath, such as when a language schoolteacher confesses to being a fraud, or when two old ladies touch the next life at the end – you wouldn't expect to have your emotions tweaked by men in dresses, but it happens! Peepolykus suspect that their humour has hitherto been considered superficial – a not unfounded suspicion we might think for the princes of meaningless life-enhancing idiocy. It's All in the Timing is not as side-splittingly funny as some of their other shows, but it is still very funny and the compromise pays off. It's brave; it challenges the audience to find links between the scenes through themes of coincidence, randomness, probability. The audience likes it, and so do I.

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  1. Oct 2004

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