Peepolykus, Squid

Review in Issue 8-2 | Summer 1996

Peepolykus are the Anglo-Swiss duo Philipp Bogli and John Nicholson. Squid is the tale of Eddy (Nicholson), an old lighthouse keeper who is set in his ways. His routine is disrupted when Norvik (Bogli) arrives to work with him. A gulf exists between the two co-workers which is only bridged when a tempestuous storm occurs. The light of the lighthouse has malfunctioned and a woman has to be rescued in hazardous and life-threatening conditions. Success brings Eddy and Norvik together. This seemingly simple story has many complex and intriguing sub-plots which include lost love, a fish, seals and a shy postman.

Bim Mason directed the show which continued the theme of stories set in natural locations. The turbulent storm scene makes ingenious use of a wooden plank and a rope intertwined with fine acrobatics. Excellent audience contact was threaded into the plot when Eddy braved the cold water and dived into the sea of people to sit on unsuspecting mermaids' laps. Puppets representing the Eddy and Norvik characters were truly entertaining and beautifully manipulated. Nicholson and Bogli perform the show with an enormous variety of techniques ranging from comedy to tragedy, and from magic to music. Squid is a dazzling show of slick skills and imagination creating a deeply touching tale.

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  1. Feb 1996

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