Star Trek: The Lost Voyage of the Enterprise

Review in Issue 7-1 | Spring 1995

Assembled by Director/Producer John Gore (of Mime Theatre Project, Thunderbirds FAB fame) to boldly go where no company has gone before; namely the theatre production of Star Trek.

The audience of trekkies were out in force and as soon as they heard the opening theme tune they burst into rapturous applause!

The character affectations employed by the actors provided enough of the comic element of satire to remind the audience of the original series and camera methods; though now outdated, viewed in a theatrical context these made the mid-1960s action mannerisms all the funnier.

The special effects required for this production were evident and spectacular from the start and especially enhanced when the ‘expected’ party ‘beamed’ down to the planet utilising body posture and lighting simulation to create the illusion.

The plot just about covered the entire spectrum of the original series with all the in-jokes and references to events in Earth's history. As each character was introduced, the audience cheered as if meeting an old friend, or foe; in the case of Pete Seraphinovitch (head Clingon) and Michael Michael (The Romulan) who instigated the nasty situations whilst also providing a few surprises.

Good performances also from Andy Nimmo as ‘Scotty’ and Darrell Bates as ‘Dr. McCoy’, with Richard Knight providing good acrobatic skills and physical pace to add extra impetus. However, it was Adrian Neil's ‘Mr. Spock’ who as the central character ensured the humour was maintained throughout in this jolly good romp!

On a negative note there were too many ideas crammed in, but one got the feeling that this was just the beginning of this show's epic journey. With some sound editing and technical adjustment a smash hit will be created. Which only leaves me to say – ‘Go Forth and Prosper’.

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  1. Nov 1994

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