Tanya Khaborova / Derevo, Reflection

Review in Issue 16-3/4 | Autumn 2004

Kaleidoscopic images of creation, from alchemic cook to the final image of a bow-holding centaur within a prism of light, mesmerise us in this beautiful dance fable. Vital soundscape enriches and menaces – lighting lifts and holds. Although a solo show, with just one bare tree in the background, I never feel Khaborova is alone on stage. Phenomenal lighting (designed by fellow original Derevo member Elena Iarovaia) and soundscape give us suspension of time and split-second changes of scene from creation to destruction.

Tanya is a hieroglyphic being – a chameleon of creation with inhuman movement... We see a gravity-bound insect, a broken winged angel, a lady silent footed even in high heels. A teaming swampland of creation-theatre to be watched with the same heart that would absorb a poem. I saw Reflection performed five or so years ago as part of LIFT, but this time the show is far more succinct, sensual and essential. This is body-theatre that follows a non-narrative structure, an experience of mood, atmosphere, presence and invisible yet bodily-perceived rhythm. Theatre to be felt in the quiet spaces between our cells.

At the close of the show we are left within a cathedral of calm, leaving a muted ache somewhere behind our ribs; a sense of loss, a sense of remembrance, a sense of hope, that ripples out into the night and into our own nocturnal shadows.

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  1. Aug 2004

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Issue 16-3/4
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