Teatr Novogo Fronta, Dias de las Noches

Review in Issue 20-2 | Summer 2008

Dias de las Noches begins with the familiar sound of a ringing phone, but from the moment one of the performers picks up the receiver, we are swept off our feet and caught in a breathtaking journey through the familiar and the unexpected. Teatr Novogo Fronta combine physical theatre and clowning with an engaging visual style that does not need any translation of the text. Out of the familiar they create the unfamiliar, as in a three-legged dance where the extra legs attached to the performers’ waists unsettle our expectations of human body-shapes and movement. Similarly, a beach scene with strange horned creatures who have plungers attached to their backs shifts from amusing to moving as we recognise the inelegance and gracelessness of real human beings. These fast-paced comic moments are balanced by dark and threatening ones. The performers’ visible fear of the ringing phone, the forebodings of the lighting and the sound steadily building up unease and tension, before the performance erupts again in hilarious anarchy. The excellent pacing and the imaginative imagery leave you exhilarated and nearly exhausted – a cathartic experience from a very non-Aristotelian piece.

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  1. Apr 2008

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Issue 20-2
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