Theatre en Corps, “Now, we are no longer who we were then...”

Review in Issue 9-2 | Summer 1997

Under the direction of Ana Sanchez-Colberg, Theatre en Corps' latest show was a contemporary re-interpretation of Jean Cocteau's Jeune Homme et la Mort. A similar story about a mature couple embraced the original plot with subtle intuition, and Cocteau's original was explored in a kind of flashback. The whole performance was exciting and impressive, with a skilfully arranged fusion of breathtaking physical motions, and absorbing theatrical moments. The performers captured the audience's attention through their evident commitment to their own parts, and this resulted in a highly expressive interpretation of the choreography, which mixed psychological portraits in an intriguing web of interactions.

As a production, it was visually balanced and stimulating, the distinctive light and video design being combined with a Freudian objectification of cherries and with the colour-changing image of a butterfly. The visual impact of the lighting found its ultimate expression in the Young Girl's appearance as Death, where she emerged from the solid beam of light to return into it shortly after her dance with the boy. With such rich symbolism it was not always possible to avoid ambiguous interpretations of the images, which nevertheless did not diminish their phenomenological impact.

However, in the end, one did find oneself with hope that Death, instead of terminating, rather transforms, and represents the transition to another unexpected level of existence. This was, on all levels, an inspiring and outstanding production. It was enthusiastically welcomed by the audience and seems to assure a promising future for Theatre en Corps.

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  1. May 1997

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