Tie-Break Theatre Company, Almost Human

Review in Issue 8-4 | Winter 1996

Almost Human was an evocative physical performance, well-acted and beautifully written. Commissioned by the Lynx Trust as a theatre in education show, the piece explored the full horrors of animal captivity and slaughter with courage and a script which was packed with irony, humour and shock. Two performers assumed a multitude of characters from hunters to circus masters and were high on energy and fast on their feet as they victimised Tarzan the ape who swung up and over a steel scaffold in a bid to escape. The nuances of animal behaviour were well observed. In the zoo where he was held captive, Tarzan was scared of peanuts being thrown at him, abused by the zookeeper, and sold to a TV promoter. On a shoot for a TV commercial, he causes an actress to become hysterical and at the mercy of his human handlers is beaten, humiliated and eventually tortured by men in white coats who strap him to the scaffold and attach electrodes to his brain. He is finally killed off, when his tormentors decide that he is too pathetic to be used for medical research and not fit enough to return to the jungle. The hour-long performance was thought provoking and will communicate its animal welfare message successfully.

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  1. Oct 1996

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