Udi Grudi, Ovo

Review in Issue 18-4 | Winter 2006

These Brazilian masters of ingenious trash transformations fabricate a miraculous world set within a rubbish tip. In the inventive hands and imaginations of three playfully eccentric tramps, other people’s refuse becomes animals, friends, fashion items and musical instruments. The object animation and clowning was enriched by live ‘junk samba’ percussion. I was constantly amused and enchanted – for example, by a pet dog puppet rapidly created from green plastic bottles. I particularly enjoyed the opening: the visual impact of a vast sail-like structure made from thousands of white polythene bags, tied and laced onto and into a huge concealed net. However, I felt that the performance pace dipped after the impact of the opening scenes, although it picked up its impetus again during the latter half.

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  1. Aug 2006

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Issue 18-4
p. 26