Volcano, Manifesto

Review in Issue 6-2 | Summer 1994

A frenzy of furious, chaotic thrashing, grotesque and outrageous smugness, fantasies, ideals and revolutionary deviancy. All these elements combine and clash as Volcano (working here with DV8 director Nigel Charnock) explore the dichotomies and convictions of Marx's Communist Manifesto. It was exhilarating to see performers with total control of space, making maximum use of a minimal set with such intensity and energy amid real precision of movement. A little more tenderness and genuine humanity would have served to engage the audience on a more personal level as opposed to the general feel of in-your-face, kick-up-the-arse assault that we came away with. This would also have provided a nice contrast to the control and seduction of theoretical spouting and the odious self-satisfaction of the bourgeoisie. A fierce and sexy show with plenty of anger but not quite getting to grips with the spirit of love, solidarity and personal commitment to a human goal.

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  1. Apr 1994

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Issue 6-2
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