Yllana Theatre Co., Muu!

Review in Issue 6-2 | Summer 1994

Viva these macho men from Madrid! Here were prime comic cuts served up with a gentle honesty, a wonderful and ridiculous bevy of comic bravaderies. This was clowning as it should be; an invitation to enter the world of play. These men had nothing to hide, charming us with their boyish innocence and ludicrous macho posturing!

Enchanting the audience, the matadors prepared for the great fight, striding and strutting through their paces in various states of undress, the contents of their pants blasting melodically from their bathrobes! Using a vocabulary of tuts, oohs and strangled vowels combined with an inventive use of music, Yllana dispensed with language creating a universally accessible and hugely entertaining peice of theatre. Who ever thought a bullfight could be so funny? OlĂ©…

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  1. Apr 1994

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Issue 6-2
p. 19