Feb 2018
Dorothy Max Prior discovers a world of age-old archetypes and new mythologies in a diverse selection of work seen at the London International Mime Festival 2018 If there’s one defining characteristic of work presented...

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Jan 2018
Thomas Wilson reflects on three very different contemporary circus-theatre shows seen at the London International Mime Festival 2018   London International Mime Festival enters its 41st year, and as usual proves to be the...

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Dec 2017
Dorothy Max Prior goes on the road in Mexico with Caravanas Ficho, an enterprising outreach and community engagement programme created by Ficho Festival, taking circus and street arts to otherwise excluded people in Guadalajara...

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Nov 2017
Brazilian clown and film director Mariana Gabriel’s heartwarming and inspiring documentary, Mi Abuela era Payaso (created with Ana Minheira), contains much food for thought – not least, the statement from a key interviewee that...

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Sep 2017
Hurrah. It’s my annual ‘If Edinburgh Fringe Circus Shows Were An Album’ review again, where I get to combine my two passions and indulge my inner muso-geek. 2017 was a pretty brilliant year overall...

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