So You Want to be a Theatre Producer
by James Seabright
May 2010
Yes! A good book on producing theatre, written by a successful theatre producer! So You Want To Be A Theatre Producer? describes itself as ‘a comprehensive guide to every aspect of producing a show, from raising the money to creating a hit’. And that is indeed what we get: valuable insights on everything from the creative issues of coming up with the ideas and casting a show, through to tackling touring costs, insurance, marketing, PR and so forth. The emphasis is more on the mainstream/potentially commercial sector rather than the experimental theatre/live art sector – but there is valuable information for anyone putting on a production of any scale in any setting. After all, ‘success’ takes many forms but surely, if we are putting work in front of an audience, we want to do this successfully? So here’s how… And one marvellous idea is the addition of companion website with downloadable contract templates, marketing packs and budget spreadsheets – all for free
Dorothy Max Prior

Dorothy Max Prior

Dorothy Max Prior is the editor of Total Theatre Magazine, and is also a performer, writer, dramaturg and choreographer working in theatre, dance, live art and street arts. Under her alter-ego Dorothy’s Shoes she creates performance work that both honours and usurps the traditions of popular dance and theatre, and plays with the relationship between performer and audience. Much of her work is sited in public spaces or in venues other than regular theatres. She is also co-director of street theatre/dance company The Ragroof Players.

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