Total Theatre Awards 2012 Shortlist Announced

Following a rigorous two-week selection process led by a large team of assessors the shortlist for the 2012 Total Theatre Awards has been announced. As ever, the shortlist is actually quite long – this year with 28 productions nominated across three categories. There will now be a week of judging culminating in a ceremony at the Hunt & Darton Cafe on 23 August at 6pm (invitation only!). Up to six Awards will be made over the three categories.

This year the Total Theatre Awards are sponsored by Barbican, University of Chichester, University of Winchester, and Warwick Arts Centre. The judging panel is Tony Dean, Jo Crowley, Dorothy Max Prior, Donald Hutera, Cora Bissett, Tom Creed, Joelson Gusson, Matt Burman, Caroline Routh, and Lyn Gardner. Total Theatre’s director Pippa Bailey is the Chair for the judges meeting.


Shows by Emerging Companies/Artists

XXXO (Belgium)
Charlotte De Bruyne & Nathalie Marie Verbeke, Supported by Ontroerend Goed & Richard Jordan, in association with Pleasance (Pleasance Courtyard)

Amusements (England / Spain)
Sleepwalk Collective (Summerhall)

How a Man Crumbled (UK)
Clout Theatre (Summerhall)

Best In The World (England)
Unfolding Theatre (Northern Stage at St Stephens)

Not Treasure Island (England)
Sleeping Trees (Just The Tonic at The Caves)

Juana in a Million (Mexico / England)
Vicky Araico Casas (Pleasance Dome)

Grit (Scotland)
Tortoise in a Nutshell (Bedlam)

Beulah (England)
The Flanagan Collective (C Nova)


Physical / Visual Theatre

Caesarean Section – Essays on Suicide (Poland)
Teatr Zar (Summerhall)

Songs of Lear (Poland)
Song of the Goat Theatre (Summerhall)

Mephisto Waltz (Russia)
Derevo / Russian Season 2012 (Assembly Roxy)

The Blind (Poland)
The KTO Theatre 2 (Old College Quad)

Knee Deep (Australia)
Casus and Assembly (Assembly George Square)

(remor) (Spain)
Res de Res (C Nova)

Nothing Is Really Difficult (Netherlands)
Theatergroep WAK (Assembly George Square)

Mr Carmen (Russia)
AKHE – Russian Engineering Theatre / Russian Season 2012 (Assembly Roxy)

Planet Lem (Poland) *
Teatr Biuro Podrózy (Old College Quad)


Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form

Still Life: An Audience With Henrietta Moraes (England)
Sue MacLaine (Whitespace)

How may we be of service?
Butlers (Everywhere, Anywhere)

All That is Wrong (Belgium)
Ontroerend Goed, Laika, Richard Jordan Productions, Drum Theatre Plymouth (Traverse)

Bullet Catch (Scotland)
Arches presents Rob Drummond (Traverse)

What I Heard About The World (England)
Third Angel and mala voadora (Northern Stage at St Stephens)

The Shit / La Merda (Italy)
Silva Gallerano / Cristian Ceresoli (Summerhall)

The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean (Scotland)
Shona Reppe (Traverse @ Scottish Book Trust)

Paperbelle (Scotland)
Frozen Charlotte Productions with Made in Scotland (Assembly/Royal Botanic Garden)

The Pride (Australia)
Underbelly Productions, Perth Theatre Company and Side Pony Productions (Underbelly Cowgate)

The Ugly Sisters (England)
RashDash with Not Now Bernard (Northern Stage at St Stephens)

Doctor Brown – Befrdfgth (England)
Soho Theatre and the Mason Sisters @ PBJ (Underbelly Cowgate)


Planet Lem is a late opening show that will be considered for the shortlist in this category.