Feature in Issue 5-1 | Spring 1993

The beginning of Spring and new opportunities to see Mime and Physical Theatre grow and flourish? Well as usual in the Lottery of life its a bit of both!

We have the Northern International Festival of Mime, Dance and Visual Theatre and the Brighton International Festival in May to look forward to. Also congratulations to Theatre de Complicite and David Glass Mime for their successes in the recent funding round at the Arts Council, and Trestle for their nomination for an Arthur Anderson ABSA Award.

However, as Local Authorities cut further back in their Arts Budgets and we see dramatic cuts in the Project and Schemes Budget at the Drama Department of the Arts Council, funding for projects is becoming harder and harder to obtain. In this issue our feature is on Sponsorship, not as an answer to the problems of finance but certainly as something not to dismiss.

Mime Action Group has been busy, and we report on the recent Training Conference held in January during the London International Mime Festival, and the launch of the Blueprint for Regional Mime Development in November 1992 at the Hawth Centre in Crawley.

Our Focus On this issue is from Yorkshire and Humberside Region, and we are pleased to have a plethora of reviews including performances at the recent London International Mime Festival.

As usual, we continue to welcome your letters or comments on Mime and Physical theatre, so please write in.

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Issue 5-1
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