Feature in Issue 9-3 | Autumn 1997

With the arrival of Channel 5 and a host of new production companies supplying original programming to the burgeoning satellite and cable television market, creative opportunities in the broadcast media are growing by the day. In this issue we focus on theatre practitioners who have responded to increased opportunities and taken their first tentative steps into the world of TV. Tim Etchells, director of Forced Entertainment, contemplates many of the broader issues which concern theatre-makers when considering the switch to TV. Jason Maverick describes the pressure of coming up with 78 episodes of a new children's series for Channel 5. And we provide an insight into the practicalities of TV production with a day-by-day diary of the shoot for a new comedy pilot featuring Peepolykus and The Right Size.

The 1997 Edinburgh Festival Fringe was notable for the first ever awards designed specifically to recognise the diversity and quality of work within the mime, physical theatre and visual performance field. The Total Theatre Awards (or 'Totals' as they are popularly known) got off to an auspicious start with over 100 nominated companies and an award ceremony hosted by Sean Foley and Hamish McColl, aka The Right Size, who themselves caused a considerable stir on the Fringe with the success of Do You Come Here Often? They now have the additional accolade of being the first ever winners of the Total Theatre Award for most innovative overall production on the Fringe. Turn to page 20 for a full list of winning companies and nominees.

Finally, we are pleased to welcome Marcus Freeman on board as our new designer and pass on our thanks to Melissa Alaverdy for all her work since 1992. I hope you will appreciate the changes.

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Issue 9-3
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