Inbox: Wolfgang Hoffmann

Feature in Issue 16-1 | Spring 2004

How would you describe yourself and/or your occupation?

I'm a dancer/performer/organiser.

What have you seen, read or experienced recently that has been an inspiration?

The flowers, trees and birds of New South Wales / Australia and the fish at Clavelly beach are an inspiration and delight for me. In terms of art work, the installation of the sun (by Olafur Eliasson) at Tate Modern is the boldest and most joyful piece of modern art I've seen recently. Also the five angels by Bill Viola at the same place are beautiful.

Which of your artistic achievements are you most proud of?

Making Pandora 88 because it's so simple and yet so profound.

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

There are so many things that could be bettered in myself or in the world that I'm not really interested in that thought. I'd be interested in that decision process of what do we give priority to – and actually change it.

What do you think was the best example of ‘theatre' in the past year?

No idea!

What does the term 'Total Theatre' mean to you?

A performance that stimulates the audience from head to toe and leaves none of the senses unnourished deserves to be called total theatre.

Your manifesto for theatre?

To play is as important to life as food and sleep. No restrictions apply, absolutely none. If good or bad, or for whichever reasons, it's human to act and as human to watch acting. For any more wisdom ask me again when I'm sixty. I like to play, that's all. To make poetry out of movement, to move and be moved. To interact.

Fabrik's Pandora 88 was devised with support from Komedia, and presented at the Aurora Nova festival at Edinburgh Fringe 2003, where it won a Total Theatre Award (amongst other accolades). It opened the London International Mime Festival 2004, and is now touring the UK with a run at Komedia 3-8 May for the Brighton Festival – see For full details of the tour see or call 01462 734843. For more information on the company see

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