Rejoicing in Native Nativity

Feature in Issue 8-1 | Spring 1996

Nina Bury and Tanya Manuel took the plunge and went to the pre-Christmas bash at The Plunge Club.

Native Nativity experience at The Plunge Club took us between ‘happenings’ spread around the different rooms in the venue, guided by our programme of events and our heavenly hosts, two gloriously pregnant feathered angels. Our first stop was the poetry cellar, where the poet ranted his way through two poems. On completion, he introduced Blue Girl and her green colleague who was doing a grand job of disguising himself as a piece of mistletoe. Depending on the mood, their act could have been interpreted as either moving or hilarious, I’m not sure which. Suffice to say that it involved a simulated birth scene and the aforementioned sprig of human mistletoe.

During the night we encountered a worship ritual of dancing and drumming around a shrine with offerings of incense and Camel cigarettes. An actor dressed as a Catholic priest, who stripped off into a Santa costume, and a climax with the heavenly choir descending upon us at midnight.

The night cost £5 and provided a showcase for bizarre, visually exciting and absurd acts. An interesting and memorable night which was certainly trying to do something different!

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