Acrobat, smaller poorer cheaper

Review in Issue 19-4 | Winter 2007

Circus Front was an ambitious and exciting snapshot of contemporary circus from around the world; a range of high quality work incorporating theatre, dance, music, live art, cabaret, burlesque and – yes – incredible circus skills.

Australian legends Acrobat returned to the UK with smaller poorer cheaper: a raw and intimate show comprising three twenty minute solos, illustrating that in the hands of masters circus can be as effective at expressing emotional themes and stories as dance. The show begins with Jo Lancaster who presents a powerful solo that explores the compromises, pain and laughs in ‘settling down’ from a female perspective. The near nudity exposes the sheer physical strength of the performer as she tumbles, turns and somersaults through marriage and motherhood. Mozes follows with a visceral and powerful rope routine that takes us on a journey from non-stop partying camp delights to poignant awareness of mortality. The visual impact of blood pouring from the top of the rope down on to Mozes strong fit physique serves as a powerful and life affirming message of survival. The last routine on a slack rope (by Simon Yates) was weaker than the preceding solos. Although Yates is highly skilled and the piece well performed, it felt, unlike the other two, that this could have slotted easily into another circus cabaret format. There was less exposure of the performer as person and this did not chime with the nakedness – literally and emotionally – of the rest of the show.

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  1. Jul 2007

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