Adrien M, Convergence

Review in Issue 18-2 | Summer 2006

Convergence is a fusion of live action with computer science; a fusion between the live on-stage image and the projected one; a fusion and convergence of kinetic energy juggled from one source to another, from a real ball to the falling image of one. The skill with which Adrien Mondot juggles the balls is almost flawless. Controlling his subjects with poise and ease, he creates a hypnotic rhythm – enhanced by the live accompaniment of cellist Veronika Soboljevski. It is when the fates reverse, however, and the balls start to control him, that things get more interesting As real balls give way to virtual balls, the latter start to fly around the screen with chaotic abandonment. Adrien M commands them back, the balls now like petulant children. The balls – both real and virtual – seem to take on a power of their own and it is this which allows energy to be transferred between objects and man.

This transference becomes clear when a mass of virtual balls is heaped upon the screen, bouncing and darting around the sole human figure, when suddenly they become suspended in mid-air. Instantaneously, their latent energy flows into Adrien M and their kinetic force powers his movement. He is charged by them and vice-versa.

It is in the closing moments of the performance that the energy of this piece truly reaches the audience. Previously a thin, translucent projection screen separated performer and spectator: when removed, both sides of the screen are finally able to converge with each other. Left in front of us is one man who does what he does best – simply juggles, with simply outstanding skill. Journeying through new fusions between live and mediated performance, Adrien M climaxes by stripping back to the basics of his trade. His body glistens with the sweat of sheer physical focus and the room is charged with his concentration. Mesmerising.

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  1. Jan 2006

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