Bill Aitchison, 24/7/52

Review in Issue 19-4 | Winter 2007

Bill Aitchison begins by explaining that we may be needed to help the piece to function by passing him props, holding tape-recorders and helping him to fulfil the myriad tasks which make up this performance – also inviting us to leave and use the bar when we please. The first of ten tapes begins and Aitchison eagerly proceeds to perform the task subscribed to that sound: washing his hair. The sound ceases and another begins. A tape-recorder is thrust into my hand as Aitchison places himself in front of me and begins a series of movements. Throughout the next hour, the soundscape builds, as do the multiple roles which Aitchison performs with focus and energy. We meet a priest recounting the tale of Noah’s Ark, a romantic holding a bunch of flowers, a man preparing a meal for a date, a weather forecaster, all of whom begin to overlap with one another and take on attributes of each other’s objectives. When my tape-recorder begins again, I suddenly feel responsible for adding another element to Aitchison’s growing task list, as a man takes him up on his offer of going to the bar: we are all in this together. 24/7/52 is an amusing, enjoyable experience which thrives on the element of chance. It is these exquisite moments of uncertainty which Aitchison needs to own more: we’re with him, and will happily sit in silence if we are allowed to enjoy it as much as the rest of the show.

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  1. Jun 2007

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Issue 19-4
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