Bolek Polivka, Micky Mouse, Don Quixote and Others

Review in Issue 5-1 | Spring 1993

This Czech theatre company has a hard edged preoccupation with audience manipulation. Bolek Polivka and his company are most extraordinary and brilliant with roaring volleys and sadistic slants. The characters conjure up with artful whimsy and associated trains of thought echoes of Spike Milligan and humour that can only be described as manic Monty Python. Stock character, stock situations, and ritual pageant echo world theatre from Commedia Dell'Arte to the art of the stage.

Polivka utilises alienation techniques such as declaring a break in the proceedings and going and sitting with the audience. The power of this piece of theatre is its ability to engage, disengage and re-engage the audience. Behind the masks and appearance of near anarchy lurked the mastery of the performers in relating to their audience, their interpretations of the experience of theatre.

From the issue 5-1 collection of reviews, written by Jackie Adkins, Sarah Dawson, Desmond Jones, Jonathan Megaw, Shani Solomons, Brendan Stapleton and Paul Vates.

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