Cartoon de Salvo, Meat and Two Veg

Review in Issue 13-1 | Spring 2001

If anybody deserves a rave review it is Cartoon de Salvo for Meat and Two Veg. On the way into the space we are asked if we would like to enter ‘the raffle', for which the prize is a very tempting looking carrot cake. This slightly unexpected and off the wall moment very nicely sets us up for what is to come.

Three very engaging wartime characters grin at us as they peg washing to lines crossing the stage, and the story begins. Violet, a young girl, is fascinated by her absent brother and what it is to be a boy. Home equals repressed parents in the best of stiff-upper-lip, middle of the road English tradition, having tea at exactly four o'clock, and keeping everything proper

Few companies ever get it as right as this. Cartoon de Salvo's lively, energetic and charming show gives us exactly what we want from a comedy. Intrigue, great gags, hilarious skiffle music, a warm welcome, and even a tea break! Never do we get the impression of being excluded, and we are always involved with the dilemma of our leading character. Full of dramatic irony, we never forget that we are part of the game. There really are too many good moments to list individually. Great performances, design, lighting and direction. This is a talented company full of energy and ideas, who seem to really understand the power of the modern clown, using it to full effect, to tell a great story. Definitely worth a look.

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  1. Feb 2001

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