Chisenhale Dance Space 10th Anniversary Canalside Performances

Review in Issue 5-3 | Autumn 1993

We were treated to a feast of specially commissioned work to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Chisenhale Dance Space, while being luxuriously transported down the Regent's canal in a riverboat.

The journey started with Pulling it Off by Rebecca Skelton, who brought out her performers in twos and threes to perform in the corners of the external staircase of the Pullet/Gilbey building. In bright, almost cubist costumes, the performers created small and tightly controlled sequences of movement, often dangerous within the restrictions of the space, which finished by releasing a ball attached to a long thread to connect to the floor below.

Further down the Canal, Sarah Dawson and Her Amazing Synchronised Swimming Frogmen delighted the audience with the deft patterns and tricks of her team of small plastic divers.

Isabel Rocamara and Pedro Machado performed a short mime piece by Acton Lock in Hackney. A clever little piece which combined mime and abstract movements; well designed costumes and very precise.

Other performances included Simon Legge in Fowl, choreographed by Susan Norwood, a contemplative, abstract and intense piece that sat beautifully under the trees on the edge of Victoria Park. Quietly and with physical control and beauty and the use of fine white down feathers he transformed before our eyes from man to bird.


Canalside Performances, Camden Lock

Date Seen
  1. Jul 1993

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