Deadly, No Ordinary Angels

Review in Issue 11-1 | Spring 1999

Directed by Sandro Borelli and performed by Deborah Pope and Rodrigo Matheus, Deadly traces the life of a relationship from first passion and the onslaught of physical desire to the union's disintegration into cruelty and self-abuse. It combines circus, dance and performance in a seamless production that tests the boundaries and possibilities of physical theatre.

The success of the production rests with its use of visual and physical metaphor for emotional states and the varying stages of the couple's relationship. We first meet them sucking and devouring each other, drawing blood as they tumble across the stage. The audience is soon aware that this coupling is more a passionate battle of wills than a calm and tender union. Deborah Pope gives a shining and ecstatic swinging trapeze routine. This is a highlight of the evening and the one time when her character's spirit is lifted out of the intensity of the relationship. Her joy is soon substituted for frustration and the final image is a desperate one: locked out of communication with the man she loves, the woman seeks solace in drink.

Deborah Pope and Rodrigo Matheus present the eternal male-female conundrum with physical and emotional honesty. Humour and violence combine in two strong and stylish performances. The theme of Deadly is not necessarily an original one, but the approach No Ordinary Angels takes forces the audience to see and feel in a more theatrically challenging and rewarding way. This is an accomplished and exciting piece of pure physical theatre.

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  1. Feb 1999

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