Desoxy, 98.4% DNA-Being Human

Review in Issue 10-3 | Autumn 1998

The primeval spasms of the two creatures of ambiguous form which open this show effectively prepare one for the feasibility of the Aquatic Ape Theory that the piece explores. Teresa Blake and Daniel Witton tackle the theory with sensitivity and humour, presenting this possible explanation of evolution in a way that succeeds in questioning the divide between animals and humans, genetically, chemically, physically and emotionally.

Although Desoxy use text with purpose and clarity, it is refreshing to see such themes explored in an exciting physical and visual display. Their almost entirely flesh concealing costumes effectively highlight their androgynous and somewhat bestial characteristics. The company use dance and acrobatics in an extraordinary physical fusion. One minute the performers are mutually supportive and intimate. The next, they are flung apart by their apparent differences, as issues of gender and sexual development rear their ugly heads.

It was encouraging to see, at this performance, a diverse audience of all ages. Young children in the front row squealed with delight at certain points and were silently curious at others. If their UK debut is anything to go by, Desoxy are certainly a company to watch out for.

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  1. Aug 1998

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