Review in Issue 5-3 | Autumn 1993

This two-day festival of site-specific performance and installation work was a first for Camley Street and for its organiser Nic Sandiland. Both are to be commended for the event, which was deservedly declared a success.

Agnes Folkestad choreographed Industrial Beauties, a very suitable and beautiful canal piece that was set on the tow path opposite the park. At walking pace and using natural, aerial and gymnastic movement (particularly from Navraj Sidhu whose agility while suspended from the tow path bridge was death defying), the constant traffic of passers by were easily incorporated. We were left feeling calm through the simple energy and movements of the performers.

As well as directing the Festival, Nic Sandiland also performed, notably in Mr Blue Sky – a visually inspired, movement installation, where, perched high on a blue painted seat, both dressed and completely painted in blue, shrouded by the trees and shafts of sunlight, he focused on the action and movement of his hands as they made blue origami figures. These were then purposefully placed on the trees beside him, providing blue contrasts in the natural green backdrop.

Light relief was provided by Short Stay Visitors in Rubber Ducks directed by Gerry Daley. Louise Jones and Bernadette Russell gallivanted comically around as Bob and Bob in Orange Macs, two officials in charge of checking park quotas of ducks and flowers, involving the audience in true street theatre style.


London Wildlife Trust, Camley Street Natural Park

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  1. Jul 1993

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